some things you might find interesting if you are not a scientist but find yourself in a scientific laboratory

It’s a situation I sometimes find myself in since I’m married to a scientist, and he works in an oceanographic laboratory, and I occasionally go to that laboratory and poke around unsupervised.

These look scientific, don't they? I'm not sure exactly what they are, but someone is clearly using them to make some sort of great discovery.


Here is an actual scientist. He looks like he does not want to be disturbed.


I don't think these corals are actually scientific. I think they just keep them around because they look like things oceanographers would study, unlike most of the other things in the lab.


Here's that scientist again. I've distracted him from doing actual science and gotten him to pose doing some fake science. I think he has a promising career ahead of him as a scientific model.

Have a great weekend!  I’ll be in San Francisco learning about business.  Wish me luck.


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